My name is Kristopher Kalish, a computer science graduate student at UC Davis. I did my undergraduate work at James Madison University. I was deeply involved with the “video wall” at JMU. In short, the video wall is an array of commodity computers and LCD screens. It was primarily used to facilitate the exchange of interdisciplinary ideas by providing high resolution visualizations for various projects, which made it quite exciting. You can find more information about the video wall at the high resolution visualization page and at the hyper computing page.

In my research I have always sought problems which will have impact on a lot people. As an undergraduate I accomplished this by exploring techniques for parallelizing tasks on shared memory commodity devices. This is ultimately what my thesis was about. As a graduate student I’m accomplishing this by researching image processing in the context of neuroscience with my advisor, Dr. Owen Carmichael.


You can download my resume in pdf format.

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