Penny Parrot – Amazon Price Tracker

If you are like me and do any significant amount of shopping on Amazon, then you have realized that Amazon updates the pricing of products regularly to match supply and demand. This means if you have some patience and don’t need to purchase an item immediately you can take advantage of this “dynamic pricing” as a buyer by waiting for the price to drop.

There are a handful of products out there to assist with timing purchases on Amazon to save money. I have spent some time looking at a new Amazon price tracker called Penny Parrot. It is a no-frills, modern looking, and ad-free tool to track prices on Amazon. The following screenhot shows an example of the price volatility of the i7-8700k:

Penny Parrot shows you the historical Amazon price, third party new, and third party used prices. This example shows the price of the i7-8700k.

Penny Parrot lets you create price drop notifications without registering an account, you just need to verify your email. You can watch the Amazon price, third party new price, and third party used price of an item. I tested it by creating an alert for the Amazon price of a popular product, the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email a few days later notifying my the price had dropped nearly $50 below my goal price! See the following screenshot:

A sample price drop alert email from Penny Parrot

I created an account so that I could manage all of my price watches, which is quite a bit easier than using the unsubscribe links inside the emails. The management UI could use some work, but it appears to be under active development, so I’m sure there will be improvement in this area.

All in all, Penny Parrot looks nicer than the competitors out there and I really like the fact that they emphasize privacy and an ad-free experience. It appears to be actively developed, and will have browser plugins coming soon.

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